7 Traits all Great Writers Have

Whether you admire the worldbuilding of one author or the prose of another, there are certain traits great writers have that make themselves stand out from the crowd.


Great writers have thick skin and are confident in the work they present to the world. They aren’t afraid to write surprising, genre-breaking plot twists or talk about subjects society usually avoids. Everything great writers say is authentic and true to the stories they want their words to tell.

Great writers stay bold and express their ideas despite what others might think. They know that they’ll never have 100% raving reviews about their books, blogs, etc., but keep their confidence and take the chance.


Great writers are persistent. They are the ones whose books have been rejected over five hundred times and are now onto writing their seventh great idea. Great writers are also the ones who don’t give up on their blog after no one reads their twentieth post, and they also don’t stop believing in their poetry as soon as someone says they don’t “get it.”

While social media and other platforms give instant gratification with likes and comments, great writers know that their talent might not be noticed immediately. However, they keep on chasing their dreams, and will continue to cultivate their writing to achieve them.


Great writers are open-minded when it comes to their work. They’ll accept when they make a mistake or evolve their story if it doesn’t flow the way it should. They’re also the ones eager for criticism from their critique groups and seek improvement any way possible.

Great writers know they have to stay open-minded or their work will never improve. They seek out mentors and peers who will give them helpful feedback for their work.

A Good Grammar Foundation

Great writers understand that they must know the rules before they can break them. They have the eyes to identify a tense shift or when they read an awkwardly written sentence. They’ll take their red pen to their paper and fix their adjectives to match the work’s tone.

Great writers don’t care that it’s been twenty years since they last had a formal grammar lesson; they’ll continue to study the basics to improve their writing. They embrace knowing the differences between active and passive voice, and they want to learn why the Oxford comma is a debate.


Great writers don’t dream about writing; they actually have a passion to get up and do it. Whether they write before work, after school, or between juggling different errands, they make the time for writing. There are absolutely no excuses as to why they can’t work on their craft.


Great writers are disciplined when it comes to honing their skills. They don’t care that they’re on the seventeenth rewrite or that they’ve reworded a sentence over five times and it’s still not working.

A great writer will always work on their craft to make it the best that they can. They’ll make the time to get up and rework their piece until it meets perfection.

They Already Consider Themselves Writers

Guess what? Great writers know that they don’t have to necessarily be published or the most well known author on the planet to consider themselves a writer. The title of writer is not reserved for a select group. Anyone who writes is considered a writer.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to have an MFA in English or work as a professional blogger to be a writer. All you need to be a writer is a pen and a sheet of paper.

Open up a word document and get started now. After all, what are you waiting for? You’re going to be one of the next great writers of this generation!




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