why writing is a great skill to have

Why Writing is a Great Skill to Have

When you’re looking to build a skill set, you want to make sure you’re studying topics that look desirable to employers. The skills you choose should be versatile and used in your career or everyday life. Bonus points if you can learn things that you’re passionate about, too!

And then there’s skills that everyone learns in school. Writing is one of them, but most people don’t think about studying it beyond the basics.

Writing is one of the most important skills you can have in your skill set for two reasons:

  1. Almost every job requires you to write e-mails, document reports, etc.
  2. Writing is becoming a primary form of communication the more people use the internet.

Here’s six reasons why you should craft superior writing abilities.

Every Job wants “Written/Verbal Communication Skills”

Have you ever looked at a job posting and see a generic, “has excellent verbal and written communication skills?”

While this may seem like common terminology, you’d be surprised how many people can’t write a proper e-mail or flat up follow up with a quick note to their boss. Proving you’re a great writer convinces potential employers that you’re smart and know how to formulate your thoughts.

Writing is used in many industries

There’s many jobs where having writing as a skill can be a plus; for example, if you write social media posts for a living, you’ll need top-notch grammar alongside your alluring copy. If you design websites, you’ll need to ensure every page is clear and understandable for your visitors to read. And if you’re a engineer, don’t think you can get away with a shoddy-looking report, because you won’t.

Having even slightly above-average writing skills helps you stand out from your peers and allows your work to shine.

You don’t need any money to study it

While studying English or creative writing is a great way to hone your writing ability, you don’t necessarily need to major or even minor in it to be a great writer. In fact, the best writers usually work on their craft whenever they can. You don’t need to spend a dime on learning the skill in a class.

There’s plenty of writing resources on internet from free lessons on grammar to websites like Purdue OWL documenting proper citation formats. You only need the willpower and dedication to begin learning the skill on a more in-depth level. You can start working on your writing today by practicing your pacing, sentence structure, and proofreading skills.

Think about how much you read every day

You’re most likely consuming written content every day even if you don’t read many books. Think about how many social media posts, e-mails, text messages, product descriptions, etc. you read every day.  Even this blog post is something you’re reading right now!

Now because you’re doing lots of reading, think about how you want to present your opinions and responses. You’ll need great writing skills to articulate your thoughts on whatever you’re interpreting online.

Typos make us Cringe

Are you a person who gets annoyed every time you receive a message with a typo?

Now think about if you were the sender. You may have simply overlooked what you sent because you weren’t in a writing mindset.

However, you’d probably be less likely to make these errors if you had great writing skills, right?

Add writing to your skill set so people don’t think you neglect your words.

Poor Writing = Lazy

Poor writing skills aren’t a result of your tenth grade English teacher failing you or the fact not everyone’s interested in reading.

Poor writing craftsmanship is the result of laziness; that’s why there’s now grammar programs that correct your every keystroke and even auto-responses for just about every common e-mail.

Now you might be thinking that these programs and automatic responses are a good thing, but they take away the ability for the person to formulate their own communications. People think that they don’t have the time or patience to think before they type. This results in more and more errors when these crutches aren’t available.

However, if you study writing, you’ll always be able to present what you want to say. Your words are powerful because they reflect your reputation and ability to think creatively. Words also form the basis of communication. If you make good writing a habit, you’ll soon improve your skill and find different things about yourself the more you do it each day.

So what are you waiting for? Look to add writing to your skill set today!

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