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12 Amazing Writing Careers for Writers

Are you a person who loves to get up in the morning and put words down onto a page? Maybe you can’t learn enough about sentence structure or you enjoy reworking your writing until it meets perfection.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the jokes about starving English majors, but writing is a skill that can be a major asset to your resume. Having good writing skills can open career paths and help you find opportunities that you otherwise might not get.

If you know that you have a passion and talent for writing, luckily for you there’s plenty of careers for writers! While some of these career paths may require additional certifications and skill sets, this article’s focus is to introduce you to jobs with heavy writing components. Here’s twelve possible writing careers for someone with strong English skills.

Content Marketing

Content marketers are the ones who run social media pages, blogs, and websites. Content marketing is all about using your innovation and creativity to help boost a product or service. They decide what content they’re going to put out for the brand, what the schedule for content is, and what the format looks like.

Brands will pay to hire someone with strong writing skills because they don’t want the writing representing them to be shoddy or ill-researched. They want someone who can build their brand’s reputation and put out writing that’s easily consumed by their target market.

If you’re an individual who loves researching, blog/web development, or social media, you might enjoy content marketing. One of the best parts about this career path is it gives you the opportunity to learn about an industry and then produce written content for it. Give content marketing a shot if you’d like to learn something new while challenging  yourself.


If you enjoy writing or English class, teaching might be a great option for your writing career path.  Teaching gives you the opportunity to continue exploring grammar and writing because you’ll always need to brush up on those skills when grading papers. You’ll also have the ability to share your knowledge and help your students understand why they should have good writing skills, too.

Teaching is one of the best careers for writers because you’ll learn how to be an expert fast. When you’re able to explain a concept to others, it shows that you have knowledge on the subject others don’t. Teaching is also a great for connecting with people who like the same subjects you do, as all your colleagues must’ve fell in love with English at some point.


Authors are one of the first careers that comes to mind when you think of writing. Authors work in a variety of genres, from fiction to textbook writing. No matter what your passions are, you can become an author if you can write about what you love.

Authors work alongside other publishing professionals such as literary agents. They’re good at knowing their market and producing work that fits their genre. An author must have dedication and drive to see their projects through to the end. They also must have the ability to take criticism when they receive feedback.

The best part about authorship is anyone can do it; you just have to produce something worthy of publication!

Technical Writer

Technical writing is a great writing career for someone who loves to write on the scientific and engineering side of things. Technical writers are the ones who create user manuals, project plans, online help, design specifications, and software plans. They take complex topics and write about them in a way the average person can understand.

If you love how software, machines, or technology works, technical writing can be a great door to learning more about the inner-workings of different industries. Technical writers are always open to learning new things and work alongside other professionals to communicate the best way possible. Consider technical writing as the career for writers who love machines and talking about them.


Do you love talking to people or keeping up with the latest gossip? Journalism can be a great way to keep with your favorite genre, whether it’s politics, entertainment, or even books.

Journalism gives you the opportunity to join an established publication and produce in-depth content for it. Journalists strive to keep up with the latest news on their industry and report to the public with their writing. Being a journalist can also help you establish notoriety in the writing industry and allows you to form connections you might otherwise not have made.

There’s so many different topics to be part of when it comes to journalism; explore what you’re interested in!

Script writing

Your favorite daily talk show and sitcom were most likely not written by the people you see on the television. Scriptwriters develop the dialogue for television programs, movies, and company-produce Youtube videos.

If you love television, script writing might be a great career for you. You’ll have the ability to create a script that encompasses the mission and vision of a program. You’ll also be able to see how people react to the content you make through their critiques and comments. This allows you to share your writing through a visual medium and improve based upon feedback.


Celebrities, politicians, public figures, business executives, and businesses all need help writing speeches. That’s where a speechwriter comes in; this individual is the one who develops the prose someone else will verbally deliver.

An individual who’s a speechwriter needs to be able to deliver persuasive and accurate content. They’re on top of what the person or business they work for represents, and produces speeches that mirrors their value.

If you love public relations, working with famous individuals, or want to explore more argumentative-style writing, being a speech writer might be the writing career for you.


Do you have a passion for language? Or, maybe you’re bilingual or even trilingual already! You should consider becoming a translator if you want to explore producing writing in different languages. Translators are the ones who take anything from books to pamphlets and write the prose into other languages. They also subtitle videos, television shows, and movies into other languages to help cater to other audiences.

A good candidate for a translator is someone that’s eager to learn about how to sell products in different languages. Translators also get exposure to the culture where the source material comes from. If you’re passion lies on the linguistic side of writing, consider being a translator for your writing career.

Editor/Proof reader

Do you love to read? Maybe you find yourself correcting other’s writing, or perhaps you’re annoyed that someone made that one grammatical error again. An editor is someone that takes the reigns on critiquing and perfecting the writing of others. Editors can be found in all types of writing careers, from novel writing to blogging.

An editor is someone who can read and critically critique what they’ve been handed. Editors closely work with authors and help them find how they can further improve their writing career. If you enjoy reading and proofreading, editing might be your niche in the sea of careers for writers.

Online Advertising

Are you interested in online shopping? Every listing on Amazon, Ebay, or any other e-commerce website has a product description. People will read these because they want to know everything a product entails before purchasing.

An online advertiser produces these listings. They use their writing skills to concisely entice and deliver accurate information about what’s being purchased.

If you’re a person who wants to learn how to sell products, you should consider becoming an online advertiser. You’ll be able to use your writing to articulate what’s being sold and analyze metrics on how you can improve your listings.


Do you always have something to say about the movies, books, or videos you enjoy? Critics are payed to give their insight on the latest entertainment they consume. They publish their reviews in magazines and online to help their audience make viewing decisions.

Critics have the opportunity to read and review material before anyone else sees it. They’re responsible for being thoughtful about how they present information and comparing it to similar items in their respective genres.

If you’re someone who likes to voice their opinion, being a critic might be the writing career path for you. Not only will this give you the chance to have your voice shared with a wide audience, you can gain credibility as an expert in the genre you critique!

Greeting Card Writer

Greeting cards are everywhere: the dollar store, pharmacies, and every big one-stop shop. Most people buy greeting cards because they resonate with what they say.  A greeting card writer acknowledges that people want to say something thoughtful to their loved one.

If you love writing thoughtful, witty, or sentimental sentences, you might be happy as a greeting card writer. This writing career is also perfect for someone who likes layout and design, because every card has an artistic format. Greeting card writing is also one of the best careers for writers who want their work to impact people’s lives.

Interested in any of these writing careers?

As you can see, there’s plenty of careers for writers that won’t lead you to living in a cardboard box on the street. If you’re interested in any of these writing careers, I encourage you do further research what qualifications you need to join their industry. I wish you the best of luck on developing your portfolio, and happy writing!

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