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How to Realistically find Time to Write if you’re Busy

If you want to be a writer, great! However, like any other hobby, you’ll need to find time to write and perfect your craft. You’ll have to make writing a priority if you want to finish your books, blog posts, or whatever else you’re aspiring to create when you put words on the page.

How do you find time to write? When it comes to productivity, one size doesn’t fit all; some people absolutely thrive getting up early to write while others need to wake up and have their coffee first. Here’s a few ideas to help you if you’re struggling to find time to write.

Get up Early

Write early in the morning. This is the most common advice fellow writers give aspiring authors seeking to live a writing lifestyle. The logic is, if you’re passionate about writing, you’ll want to make it the first thing you do in the morning. Writing in the morning ensures that you won’t get distracted by other things throughout the day; it’s much easier to make it the first item on your to-do list than put it when you might be swamped by other tasks.

But how early should you get up to find time to write? The answer is an hour or two earlier. If you wake up any earlier than that, you might find yourself a bit tired when your making dinner and wrapping up your evening.

The pros to getting up early to write:

  • You’ll be able to work writing into your schedule without placing it within your to-do list
  • It’s easy to form a habit by making writing the first task you do in the morning
  • You won’t have to worry about struggling to find time to write because distractions such as e-mails, phone calls, homework, or other chores will be taken care of later.

The cons to getting up early to write:

  • Getting up early to find time to write takes dedication and discipline
  • You might not be fully awake if you’re not used to getting up at a certain time

Work on Writing After Work/School

Make writing what you do as soon as you come home from work or school. Not  everybody’s a morning person; however, when you get out of your car and walk through the entrance of your house, this is a great opportunity to clear your mind by writing. You can take a mental break from the world and spend a few hours doing what you love.

But what if I have other tasks and chores I have to do? Making dinner, doing homework, and catching up on Netflix can wait until after you work on your soon-to-be masterpiece. Spend an hour or two working on your writing and then tackle what you need before tomorrow. Don’t put writing off, or you might go to bed wondering how you can make time to write!

Benefits of working on writing after school/work:

  • You can easily work writing into your schedule by forming of habit of sitting down when you come home
  • You won’t have to get up early because you’re simply changing the way you allocate your time in the evening

Drawbacks of working on writing after school/work:

  • If you end up having a giant presentation, report, overtime, etc., you might fall prey to working on that instead of your writing
  • You might lack the mental energy to work on writing after a particularly long day
  • It’s easy to become distracted by other activities in the afternoon

Write in the evening

If you aren’t a morning person and like to tackle what you need to do when you come home, consider writing in the evening. Writing in the evening ensures that you aren’t sidetracked by other things because it’s the last thing you do in the day. You’re also more likely to chose to find time to write over other hobbies if you’re serious about finishing your work.

Pros to writing in the evening:

  • You’re done with everything, so you can focus 100% on your writing efforts
  • You won’t have to worry about adjusting your schedule
  • Writing is a great way to relax in the evening before bedtime

Cons to writing in the evening:

  • You might become side tracked if you’re distracted by other activities
  • In the evening, you might be too tired to write and be productive because you’ve already been to work/school

Pick a Few Days a Week to Write

If you work irregular hours, have classes on certain days, or live a chaotic lifestyle, finding a few days a week to write might work for you. Choosing a few days a week allows you to finish your responsibilities while helping you to make time to write. You also won’t feel like you’re sacrificing valuable time in order to pursue your passion.

But how do I find time to write on certain days of the week? This is a question you’ll have to answer yourself. If you have a heavy load on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then write on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; if you’re always busy during the week, choose Saturdays and Sundays. Think about what days you’re usually busiest, and make a writing schedule around it.

The positives of choosing a few days to write:

  • You can design a writing schedule that suits your needs
  • You won’t feel the consistent pressure to write every day, and can work on your passion when you know you’re going to do it well

The Negatives of choosing a few days to write:

  • If you skip a day of writing, you might feel like you’re not achieving your goals
  • It’s easier to form a habit when you write every day

Looking for More Ideas?

Still struggling to find time to write? If you’re looking for more ideas on how you can realistically make time for writing, read my article about motivating yourself to write. In this article, you can find ways to help boost your productivity in fun, inspiring ways that make you want to sit down and write. After all, writing’s fun, and you should always want to work on this hobby!

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