Eight Reasons Writers should Begin Writing a Blog

Do you love to write? Is there a topic you can talk about all day? Well, if so, consider writing a blog!

Blogging is a great activity that allows you to write often about a topic you enjoy. You can use your blog to educate others, share your thoughts, and develop insights on your chosen subject. You’ll also be able to use your passion to grow a community of people that enjoy what you do.

There’s plenty of exciting opportunities that await for those considering putting their writing online. Here’s eight reasons blogging is great for writers.

You’ll get better at Writing Quickly

If you’re putting your writing online, anyone from family to potential employers can access your articles. Writing a blog can motivate you to publish your best writing because you’ll want everything you write to make an impression on your readers. That means you’ll pay more attention to your diction and carefully structure your paragraphs in an easy-to-read fashion.

Writing a blog requires sound grammar, sentence structure, and proper research to hold the attention of the people on the web. Consider starting a blog even if it’s just for the sake of improving your writing.

You’ll write more often

If you blog, the whole point is to update it often with articles, news, and opinions. While you’ll decide what post schedule works best for you, you’ll form a habit of sitting down and writing.

By writing a blog, you’re telling yourself that you’re going to write. This can give you the push to put yourself on a schedule and even inspire you to complete other writing projects you might have.

You’ll learn more about a topic or Industry

Blogging requires you to dedicate time researching and understanding your topic. You’ll have to keep up with your industry in order to deliver content that’s relevant to your audience.

People will tend to click on things that are currently events now, not things that were relevant ten years or so ago. Read the news to find what’s happening in your industry. Watch Youtube videos and read other blogs that are related to the articles you want to write. See if you can put your own spin on things or come up with insights no one’s mentioning.

You’ll also write about topics that are always relevant

In the blogging industry, professionals know that there’s content always relevant to their audience. Topics such as the difference between active and passive voice, how to write a resume, or painting techniques are all articles that can be read ten, twenty years from now and still maintain their relevancy.

People in the blogging world call content that doesn’t go out of date quickly evergreen content. This content can live on the internet for years and will always help searchers when it’s found.

Think about the differences between trends and what people would still be searching for a year from now. Strive to mix and match your content so you’re providing articles that will always drive traffic to your blog. 

You get an instant-portfolio

One of the best reasons writers should consider writing a blog is it can be used as a writing portfolio. A blog will have everything you’ve written since day one, and you can showcase your top performing posts at an interview.

Think about it; most writing jobs require that you provide the recruiter with writing samples to prove your talent. Instead of digging up old work you may have done a year ago, wouldn’t it be great to have a fresh portfolio of stuff you’ve been working on? This proves to recruiters you’re actively working on your craft, and if you have great stats to show them, you’re promising you’ll deliver similar results!

You’ll learn other skills

Writing is a great skill to have, but writing a blog will help you develop other marketable skills. You’ll learn how to search-engine optimize your writing, develop a website, advertise your social media presence, design a layout, and grow an audience. You’ll also learn how to critically analyze your blog’s statistics and learn more about who your audience is reaching.

All these skills can be used to enhance your blog as well as help you discover new passions. Who knows, you might find that you really enjoy web development or love working on social media.

Your articles Establish your Credibility over Time

If you post on a blog often, you’re establishing yourself as an expert on a topic. You’re telling people that you know what you’re talking about and your posts are here to educate them, too.

Are you worried you might not know as much as other people? Don’t. You see, when you start a blog, you’ll learn as you write; everyone started somewhere, and you’ll soon gain expertise over time. Begin writing a blog with what interests you and then further expand into writing about new topics.

You can meet like-minded writers

If you’re a blogger, chances are you aren’t the only person who writes about your chosen topic. That means there’s other writers who have a community of readers that are interested in the same things you are, too.

Don’t view them as your competition; these are the people you should strive to make connections with. They may have been in the industry longer and can give you pointers. They also might let you guest post on their blog, which can add credibility to your name and help you get backlinks to your website. Backlinks are links from other websites that lead back to yours, and a backlink from a website about the same topic will help boost your credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Ready to Take the Next Steps to Starting a Blog?

Now that you know the benefits, it’s up to you to get started on your blogging journey. Decide what your topic will be, find a web host, make a website, and start writing a blog!

Best of luck to you, and happy writing!

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4 thoughts on “Eight Reasons Writers should Begin Writing a Blog

  1. titania08 says:

    I agree with you. I’ve always been passionate about writing stories. I created this blog for my previous work, but now I absolutely love blogging. I am still trying to figure out my niche yet. I’ll start blogging again once I decide that.

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