Why Content Matters When Shaping Your Writing

Hundreds of blog posts, news articles, e-books, and brochures are published on the internet every day.  That means when you’re looking to share your writing, your work is headed into an already-competitive digital world.

With so many topics for people to choose from, the way to grab and keep readers is to produce quality writing. Here’s why content matters for unlocking success in your writing career.

Content is what hooks readers

People read blogs, books, newspapers, magazines, and brochures for one reason: they’re hoping to get something out of the presented content. Whether that’s expanding their learning, getting the latest news, being entertained, or finding information they need to do something, value is what keeps people reading.

Think about why your content is important and how it fits into your target demographic’s needs. This will give you a sense of how to promote your writing and can help guide the direction of your future writing endeavors.

Quality Content Gains Reader Trust

When you write helpful insights on your blog, in your book, or wherever you decide to publish your writing, you’re asserting yourself as an authority on the topic. This establishes your credibility over time as people benefit from the information you share.

When readers find high value in a work, they’ll continue to share it with others who might find it helpful. An example of a widely popular book that many career professionals have read and recommended is What Color is Your Parachute. In this book, the writer Richard N. Bolles gives self-help advice aimed towards job hunters looking to find themselves during a career search. Over the years, the content of this book has gained credibility with its audience due to the relevant advice mixed with reader praise.

This is just one example of why content matters when you’re putting together your work. Can you think of any established websites or books that have gained notoriety through the insights they hold?

Good Content Helps Your Writing Career Grow

Sometimes writers will get lucky and instantly publish a hit book or blog post that gives them long-lasting notoriety. However, you’re most likely going to have to build credibility by publishing work over time that generates positive reviews and commentary from your target demographic. As you publish more and more writing, you’ll soon establish an audience interested in your genre.

Think about it. Certain blogs, authors, and websites are regarded as trusted sources of information because of the consistent value of work they publish. This is why content is important; you want your writing to stand out from the rest. Establish your credibility for the long-term by enriching your writing with quality.

Content is also what Keeps People Reading

Your writing is competing against established corporations, videos, professionals, and industry experts who are also talking about the same things as you. That means in order to stand out, you’ll need excellent content compared to all the other resources people have to choose from.

You’ll need to think about who your main competition when you’re looking to publish. Even if your book or blog is somewhat different than a highly established one, look at why their content matters to people. This can help give you a direction of how you should try to shape your content to reach your niche.

Plan for ways to set yourself apart. Offer free e-books, hire a graphic designer to add infographics into your articles, give people a discount or free trial, or make video content in addition to your writing. These strategies help add extra value to your content, and adding additional resources can help establish your credibility over time.

The Content You Choose is What Makes Your Writing Unique

All authors have their own voice and style when it comes to presenting their writing. The content you choose to include is unique because it’s what shapes your overall piece. For example, while there there might a million articles about how to make lemonade, your own spin on the topic is what readers will find valuable.

Everybody has their own strategy and view on information, so why not share what you find important? This gives your written voice the power to influence and help people grow as you educate them to new, diverse ideas.

Are you ready to start writing great content?

Now that you know why content is important, it’s time for you to start writing your own. Take what you’ve learned from this article and go tackle your next project.

Good luck, and happy writing!


Do you love to write? Here at gracemoryan.com, I’m dedicated to finding and sharing the best writing advice in one easy-to-find place. I take the positive approach on this blog and believe that anybody can learn the art of writing. If you’re an individual who’s looking to improve their writing craft, follow gracemoryan.com for the latest writing tips.

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