How to Make a Blogging Calendar

When planning your blog, remember that valuable content drives traffic and attracts visitors. That means you’ll need to post consistently while still standing out to your blog’s target audience.

But how do you get started planning a blogging calendar? Here’s some content calendar ideas you can use to develop and create a schedule for your new hit blog.

Make a List of blog topics

When making a blogging calendar, brainstorming a list of topics should be the first step. This is because you’ll need a direction before you can start posting.

Your blog will most likely have one overarching theme and subtopics you can cover under that theme. Start with the big picture and then see where you can branch out.

After you identify the core topics you want your blog to host, you’ll want to generate a list of content calendar ideas.

Here’s a few ways you can come up with awesome posts:

  1. Think about relevant things you can teach someone. For example, if your blog is about animation, then teach your readers about 3D models or story boarding. Take the overall theme of your blog and make a list of items your readers might want to learn.
  2. What are the latest trends? Blogs oftentimes thrive off of content that’s relevant here and now, so talking about recent events can be a good way to hook readers.
  3. What information about your topic are people searching for? Get onto Google and try typing in simple queries related to your topic. For example, if your blog is about teaching, start with phrases such as “teaching high school,” “classroom tips,” and “lecture ideas.” Record what the top results are and brainstorm content calendar ideas around those searches.
  4. What immediately comes to mind when you think about your topic? You can start generating ideas by thinking about a word or phrase. Then, make a list of related words. The topics that come to mind can later be turned into blog posts.

Once You Make Your List, Prioritize The Post Ideas

After you generate the list of posts you want to cover on your blog, it’s time to decide how relevant each one is on your content calendar.

You should know what your target audience is looking for. A target audience is the demographic you’re hoping to reach. You can find your target audience by researching the people who are most commonly seeking information on your chosen topic.

After you find your target audience, you’ll need to prioritize the posts. Here’s a few ways you can decide when and what to post:

  1. Think about what’s time sensitive. If you’re reporting on the latest news or reviewing something that recently came out, you’ll want to post this on your blog first. Content that’s time sensitive should be integrated into your content calendar early.
  2. Do a mix of content that’s highly searched for and ideas you want to try. When making your list, you’ll want to think about what’s most relevant to your audience. However, if you have some other topics you’d like to experiment with, try putting these posts between ones you have a feeling will perform well. This will help boost the credibility of your blog and give you a chance to see if any of those new topics are viable.
  3. The five most recent posts will give readers an impression of your blog. When readers scroll through your content casually, they most likely aren’t going to check the archives from a year ago. Think about what the five most recent blog posts are and design your blog calendar to pursue your desired image.

After You Prioritize, Design a Post Schedule

Now that you have rough content calendar of what you want to publish first, it’s time for you to put a time frame on each of the posts.

Think about how often you want to share content: whether it’s once a week, biweekly, or every day, realistically set your expectations based on how much content you/your team team can make. Then take the topics and place them on a calendar. 

Once You Have a Post Schedule, Make an Action Plan

Now that you know what you’re going to post and when, it’s time for you to make an action plan.

Calculate how long it takes for you to write a blog post. This will vary based on your industry, depth of topic, and search-engine needs, but you’ll need to know the time it takes for you to make content.

Set aside proper time to produce each and every post. Also, it’s a good idea to work in advance so that way if you need to shift priorities around, you can make up the time later.

If Applicable, Make a Promotion Plan For Posts

Now that you know when you’re going to post and how long it takes for you to make each one, the last part of making a blogging calendar is designing your promotion strategy.

Making a promotion strategy isn’t mandatory, but it’s advised. This is especially true if you’re a new blogger. While people find content through search engines, you aren’t necessarily guaranteed to rank for your chosen words. 

However, advertising for your posts can help bring visibility to your blog. While it takes effort to design a promotion strategy, here’s a few reasons you should consider a promotion schedule:

  1. It’s free. You don’t have to pay a penny to shoot a few tweets on Twitter or advertise on Facebook. Why not use these resources to your advantage?
  2. People can share your content. If you write a post that’s really hot, people will tell their friends about it. By posting on social media, you’re giving people the opportunity to promote for you.
  3. You don’t have to do anything elaborate. At minimum, all you need is to write a simple post and use a stock image. This means it’s easy for you to share your ideas.
  4. You can pick your platforms. Whether you use just Twitter or every platform under the sun is up to you. You know how much time you have in a day and how far you want to take your blog.

Are You Ready to Make Your Blogging Calendar?

Now that you know the steps you need to make a blogging calendar, it’s time for you make your own. Open a word document, start brainstorming, and make your dream happen.

Good luck!


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