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6 Things Your Writing Room Should Have

When you think of the perfect writing space, you might imagine a quiet place without any distractions. Many writers dream about a cabin with nothing but a notebook and a beautiful summer’s day. Unfortunately, this dream doesn’t exist where most writers live, and even if you do live by the woods, chances are it isn’t a beautiful summer most of the time.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t find the perfect writing room. Here’s six things your writing space should have.

Peace and Quiet

Wherever you choose to write, your writing room should have peace and quiet. That means you don’t want to deal with any distractions, whether that’s a television, your phone, or someone working outside.

Sometimes it’s impossible to find a writing room that’s completely silent, so here’s a few tips for finding a quiet place to write:

  • Find a room to make into your office. Whether that’s an unused bedroom or the desk you’ve been meaning to clean out for the last year, think about turning an underutilized area into a writing room. This can be a special place where you sit down and work on your writing.
  • Write at the quietest time of the day. Whether that’s in the morning before your family wakes up or in the midday when the kids are at school, think about writing when it’s quiet. This will allow you to concentrate on your story.
  • Go to a quiet place such as a library. If you can’t find a quiet room to write in your house, go somewhere else. The library is a great place to write if you need some peace and quiet. Most libraries have policies about making noise, and you’ll be in good company with people who want to work on their own projects. You might even be able to make some writing friends!

Make peace and quiet a priority for when you sit down to write. After all, you want to be able to put everything you’ve got into your future bestseller!

Minimal Items on the Desk

Wherever you write, you don’t want a million items on your desk. This includes papers, binders filled with bills, or disorganized office supplies. You want to write somewhere that’s clean and will keep you focused.

When you have excess items sitting around you, it might be hard to focus on your laptop or notebook. Think about what distracts you and how you can declutter to keep yourself on track.

Here’s a few tips for decluttering your writing room:

  • Put your pens and pencils in one place. Whether that’s a pencil pouch or a pencil holder, don’t leave your office supplies lying around. It can get distracting to have pens that will roll off the desk or get in the way.
  • Have a special place to organize your papers. Things for work and paper for brainstorming should be kept in separate places. Find a way to organize your papers so you can get straight to work.
  • Don’t just “temporarily” leave something on your desk. Find a home for the item when you need to. This will prevent you from having to come back and organize later.

Try to stay organized and write somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of distracting objects. You want to be able to focus on your Shakespearean words!

A way to keep a timer

Another thing every writing room should have is a reliable way to keep time. You want to make sure you’re setting aside enough time to start and finish your book, so recording how long you write each day can help you set goals.

Keep clock or a phone that goes off at a certain time on your desk. You want to make sure that you can see it but also that it doesn’t distract you from writing. Try choosing a clock that’s silent or makes minimal noise.

Decide how much time you want to write and then set your goals. See how much you can accomplish in that amount of time and keep going from there. Your goals will largely depend on how fast you can type in the time you set aside to work in your writing room.

A cup of coffee or tea

When you sit down to write, your brain’s working hard. That means you should energize yourself with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. This can help boost your creativity and help you finish your project.

Here’s some tips when choosing some coffee or tea to drink:

  • Choose flavors that energize you. You want to be in the mood to write, so pick something that inspires your creativity. Don’t drink the flavors that make you feel sleepy or overly relaxed.
  • Keep your drink at a distance. You don’t want to turn your writing session into snack time; keep your drink at a distance so you’re only taking sips when you need to.
  • Reward yourself when you finish a milestone. Whether that’s finishing 50,000 words or your full first draft, you should consider buying yourself that extra special Starbucks favorite when you reach a big goal.

Tea or coffee is the best way to motivate yourself in your writing room, so buy the flavors that inspire you!

Comfortable Seating

Wherever you choose to write, you want to be comfortable. That means your writing room should have comfy seats so you can work there for a long time.

If you’re setting up your writing space in your house, try to choose a seat that doesn’t distract. That means avoid big leather chairs or swivel sweats that might distract you when you shift. You also shouldn’t choose a big gaming chair meant for relaxing in.

Choose a simple seat that works for your situation and body type. After all, you want to make sure you’re focusing on your writing, not your chair!

Positive Vibes

The final thing your writing room should have is positive vibes. You want to work somewhere that helps inspire and draws out your creativity.

Sit somewhere where you can crack open a window and feel the fresh air. Choose a cafe that sells your favorite blends of coffee or add a favorite air freshner to your office. Hang up a sticky note with your goals on it so you can look at it every time you sit down to write.

Wherever you write, choose somewhere that makes you happy. The best places to write are those that will empower your brain to create.


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