Blank Pages: How to fill them with Meaningful Words

Whether you write digitally or on a sheet of paper, all your writing starts with a single blank page. However, once you start to fill the page with words, you doubt yourself. You then decide to erase and rewrite what you wrote.

It’s not a secret that writing is a process. There’s drafting, outlining, character creation, and structuring your narrative. That means the words you write will go through multiple edits as you work through the piece.

Yet how do you start filling your blank page with meaningful words? Here’s a few tips on how you can write content that makes it into your final draft.

Put Your Heart Into The Scene

When writing scenes, you want to put your all into creating them. Why? Because if you’re bored writing the scene, the reader will be bored reading it.

And nothing flops harder than a boring book.

That’s why you shouldn’t think of writing scenes as “obligatory” to the narrative or a way to get from “point b to point c.” Scenes should add something about your characters you care about. Are they a little weird? Or perhaps it’s a big romantic moment that connects to a huge betrayal. Whatever your scene does, write in a unique way that you and the reader will care about.

If you don’t know where to start, begin freewriting scenes with your characters. See what they decide to do and where you might be able to fill the scene into your book. After all, you want your work to be just as much fun to write as it is to read!

Write About Things You Care About

If you’re writing for a hobby, write about things you care about. That means when you sit down, you don’t feel like you’re “forced” to write.

This can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a habit of writing often. While you won’t always feel inspired by the muses to sit down, carefully choosing your topics can help you focus on your craft. If you genuinely believe in the book you’re creating, you’ll be more likely to edit and finish it.

As human beings, we tend to be motivated by what we believe in. Pick topics, characters, and themes close to your heart. This will make your writing feel authentic and natural when it comes out.

Challenge Yourself to Learn Something New

Writers are always learning new things. There’s different stylistic choices you can use to structure your writing.  There’s also the ability to explore themes close to our own experiences and ones that are different.

Whatever you do, always learn how to better your writing. Research the different backgrounds of your characters and understand the time period they come from. Keep up with grammar concepts and always look for new ways to rewrite sentences.

Whatever you do, don’t stop learning. As you grow, your writing will become stronger and filled with the topics you’ve learned. This makes writing a great challenge that you can look forward to everyday.

Think about your writing Goal

When thinking about your writing goal, this doesn’t mean “get published.” This means thinking about what the overall narrative’s goal is. Are you looking to entertain? Or maybe you’re trying to dive deeper into a topic such as depression.

The driving force behind your writing will help you fill it with meaningful content. After all, the most effective stories are told by authors who know exactly what they wanted readers to learn from their writing. That’s why there’s so many timeless classics studied in colleges and universities around the globe.

Ask yourself “why am I writing this?” Then you’ll know what to put down on the page.

Are you ready to start writing meaningful content?

Now that you know how to start creating writing that matters, it’s time to open up a blank page and write. Good luck on your next project!


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