Five Reasons You Should Add Writing Skills to Your Resume

If you’re looking for a new job, chances are you’re wondering what skills to include on your resume. After all, you want your application to stand out as you compete for open positions.

Maybe you’ve been blogging for while or did a little freelance work here and there. If so, you should consider adding writing as one of your skills on your resume. Professional writers are needed in every industry because words communicate ideas, instructions, and knowledge. That means writing is one of the best skills you can have on your resume.

If you’ve done professional writing, here’s five reasons why you should include your writing skills on your resume.

You can Communicate Through Words

How many job descriptions have you read that say “must possess superior written and verbal communication skills?” Probably too many to count!

Communication is one of the most important aspects to any business. Whether you’re writing e-mails to your coworkers, a proposal, or promotional materials, the written voice in all those mediums needs to be professionally concise.

Someone who can master written communication can clearly communicate the message of their company. Consider adding writing to your resume to show you’re a communicator.

You can apply for writing-based jobs

This one is obvious, but if you make a big deal about writing skills on your resume, you can apply for writing-based jobs. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a journalist, social media specialist, technical writer, or other writing job, then demonstrating your talent is crucial.

Consider making writing a big part of your resume if you’re looking to transition into a career that involves lots of writing. Fill up the job descriptions with keywords related to the craft and then see what new opportunities are out there.

Do you know a certain format, such as the Chicago or APA style? Put that down on your resume to show employers you know how to write in those formats. Pair your resume with writing samples that demonstrate your understanding of the styles, and you’ll be able to score an interview.

Writing is seen as a Valuable Skill

Writing is one of the most valuable skills a job seeker can have on their resume. How many people have you met that write e-mails like this:

Do u want 2 talk at 3 about the appointment?

As more and more people get used to writing like this, they begin to lose their ability to coherently put their thoughts down onto paper. That’s because they aren’t focused on structure, form, or readability of their writing: they only care about the core message.

However, as a writer, you’re always able to deliver a proper message on any device. Add writing to your resume to showcase your ability to properly communicate.

Writers are good Researchers

Writers must have solid research skills to create their work and provide credible information. Employers look for employees who can not only synthesize and understand topics they might not be familiar with, but also explain and back up any points they write about.

If you’ve written articles about unfamiliar topics or interviewed someone who worked in an industry you’re not an expert in, mention this! You want to show that you have superior analytical and critical thinking skills.

You can advertise you know certain software

Writers will have familiarity with different tools depending on their industry and expertise. For example, a blogger might have knowledge of WordPress while a social media person might have worked with the Moz Keyword Planner.

You can list any software that you’ve used to help with your writing. Think about the tools you use and then put them down on your resume. You never know when a company will use those same programs!


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