4 Ways Writers Can Challenge and Put Themselves Out There

You’ve probably already heard the advice that you should share your writing with the world. After all, if you write an awesome story, it’s hard to grow as a writer if no one can talk about it or critique it.

Putting yourself out there is important now more than ever. Meeting other writers is how we improve and make connections, and perhaps someone you meet in the writing world can help mentor and bring you closer to your goals.

But how do you get started in sharing the words you’ve written? Here are four ways you can begin to put yourself out there as a writer.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the easiest — and my most recommended way — of putting yourself out there as a writer.

When you start a blog, it can be about anything. You can share the short stories or poems you’ve written. This means a blog could potentially be a place where you publish your writing.

Another way a blog can be used is you make it the way you primarily write about topics you love, such as pets or cooking. This can be the place where you write the content that you’ve always dreamed of being shared with other people. This blog is personally a place where I share writing/blogging advice and knowledge.

There are plenty of websites that will let you set up a blog in under an hour. You can check out WordPress, Wix, and other similar services to get started blogging today.

Some of the advantages of starting a blog include:

  • The ability to get into a writing routine. When you blog, you have to spend time maintaining it by uploading new content every week. This can help you form strong writing habits by giving you the opportunity to consistently work on posts.
  • The opportunity to share your voice. Blogs are a fantastic place for you to share your voice. Because anyone can start a blog about anything, you can make yourself heard and contribute your value to the conversation.
  • Building a platform. Now more than ever, it’s important for authors to be able to advocate for themselves, especially if you want to be traditionally published one day. A blog will allow you to build a platform and helps you establish brand credibility. And unlike other platforms, a blog is completely controlled by you, so you can create the content that you want your readers to see.
  • You can meet other writers. The blogging community is filled with writers on all sorts of topics. You can network and find people who love to write about the same things that you do. This makes blogging an invaluable way to meet writing friends.
  • You can reach your target audience. By publishing content online, you can reach people who can potentially become part of your reader base. This makes a blog a great way to build a website where you can later advertise for when you publish a new book, or even business ventures related to what you write about.

With all of these advantages in mind, you can begin to see how blogging could be beneficial to your writing career. Think about if starting a blog to share your passion with the world!

Try a Writing Competition

Writing competitions have been around for a long time, and they exist outside of academics, too. A writing competition might be what you need to challenge yourself and put yourself out there.

There are different writing competitions writers can try, from nonfiction to poetry to prompt-based. Your interests will determine what kind of writing competition you should try entering.

You might be thinking, “Why should I try a writing competition? I’m not good enough to win!”

It’s not about winning — it’s about choosing a challenge or topic that will stretch you as a writer. If you win a cash prize or a lifetime supply of pizza, that’s awesome, but it should not be the goal.

Here are three more reasons writing competitions can help stretch a writer:

  • You have to think outside of the box. In order to have any competitive edge in a writing competition, you can’t submit a formulaic work that is predictable. You’ll have to use your wits and come up with something that will “wow” the judges. This will help you get out of your comfort zone as you work on your writing.
  • You can meet other writers. Depending on the competition, you might be able to go to the event and meet other writers there. This gives you the potential to make writing friends and find people who are into the same writing hobby as you.
  • You can plan for as many competitions as you have time for. When it comes to writing competitions, you can plan for as many as you’re able to do. Whether that’s one every few months or one biweekly, you can decide how often you want to undergo writing challenges.

Consider trying a writing competition to help better your writing and improve your writing style.

Attend Writing Conferences and Workshops

Another way you can challenge as a writer and put yourself out there is by attending a writing conference. There are many conferences that are aimed at helping people improve their writing, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.

The benefits of attending a writing conference include:

  • You may have the opportunity to meet writing professionals. Literary agents, published authors, famous bloggers, and other writing experts may attend a writing conference. This gives you the opportunity to meet people who work in the industry and hear what they have to say.
  • Many of these workshops have classes that are geared to give you a new perspective. Even if you write day in and day out, a writing workshop may be able to give you a unique approach to your writing. You might learn something that will help you find what you’re missing from the book that you hope to write.
  • You can have your work critiqued. A writing workshop is the place where you might be able to have your first chapter or opening lines to your book looked at by an industry professional. Don’t miss the chance to get invaluable insight to what you could be missing.

A writing workshop might just be what you need to reignite your creativity and find what your writing lacks. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet other writers and become educated on what you need!

Take a Writing Class

Depending on who you are, it may have been years since you’ve taken a writing course.

Writing classes can be beneficial to helping you improve your writing. For one, a great teacher can expose you to new writing techniques and approaches. Secondly, you can meet others who are interested in writing just like you.

Choosing a writing class may be intimidating, but you can find the option that suits your budget and needs. There are also online options if you can’t attend a writing class in person.

A few more benefits of enrolling yourself into a writing class are:

  • You’ll be exposed to books and ideas you may have not encountered on your own. One benefit of taking a writing class is the teacher may introduce you to works and methods you haven’t thought of before. This can help broaden your horizons as you avoid being stuck in an echo chamber of writings and strategies that you typically would read and adhere to.
  • You can have the chance to critique the work of other writers. Some writing classes will let you read the short stories, poems, essays, or first chapters of the other writers in the class. This will allow you to read someone else’s writing and learn what makes a good first draft. You also might be able to learn what you do like by reading someone else’s work.
  • You can choose what areas you want to take a class in. There are many writing classes available out there, and you can find the one that specifically teaches what you’re hoping to learn. That means if you’re weak on writing a main character, you might be able to find a class about writing character development. If you hope to improve your poetry, you can enroll in a poetry class where you read and analyze the poetry of modern writers.

A writing class is the perfect way to put yourself out there and learn more about the writing world. Think about enrolling in a class near you!

Are You Ready to Put Yourself Out There?

With these ideas in mind, you can now start putting yourself out there as a writer.

What are some of your ideas others can use to grow as a writer? Let me know below!


Do you love to write? Here at gracemoryan.com, I’m dedicated to finding and sharing the best writing advice in one easy-to-find place. If you’re an individual who’s looking to improve their writing craft, follow gracemoryan.com for the latest writing tips.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways Writers Can Challenge and Put Themselves Out There

  1. Stuart Danker says:

    These are great tips, and I myself routinely do most of them. I have to admit that writing competitions sting more than unsolicited submissions though, because I’m fine when I get rejected, but if it’s a competition, it kinda leaves me slightly more gutted. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grace Moryan says:

      I’m glad you appreciate the tips! I’m sorry to hear about how you feel about the competitions, but I hope you were at least able to challenge yourself and improve your writing from them. We’re all trying to grow as writers and that’s what matters the most. Good luck!


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