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How Writers Can Stay Inspired In the Winter Time

Are you stuck indoors because of the endless snow falling down outside? Maybe you’d like to go to the library or find a quiet café to write in, but you can’t because of the dangerous weather conditions.

I’m not going to lie, being snowed in is a bummer. I’ve found it difficult to focus on my writing at times due to the inability of being able to change the scenery for days on end. And if you work from home, you never get to change your atmosphere even when you’re ready to sit down and write.

However, I’ve got you covered: here are ten ways you can find writing inspiration in the winter time. These 10 methods can help you stay motivated, even if you’re stuck indoors all day long.

Get Comfortable

The first way you can prepare yourself for writing inspiration is by making yourself comfortable.

Have you ever wondered why many people like to go to coffee shops when they’re looking to be productive? Well, that’s because the environment is relaxing and encourages productivity, from the chairs to the minimal background music.

You can work to emulate this environment in your own home, but you might just need a bit of tweaking. Make sure you find a comfortable chair, and feel free to play calming music if that will help motivate you to write.

Go for a Short Winter Walk

Another way you can find writing inspiration is by going outside for a short winter walk. While the snow is probably piled high and you may not be able to go far, a short walk outside during the snow’s break can help you find new writing motivation.

Another reason you want to go for a short walk outside is you don’t want to stay in the same environment for long periods of time. If you never change your scenery, you might find it difficult to maintain focus on your writing.

If you aren’t able to go quite for a walk, you might benefit by opening your window. Allowing some of the fresh winter air to come through can help give the room new life.

Make Yourself Tea, Coffee, or Hot Cocoa

Nothing helps with inspiration like a hot drink to help get you motivated. Whether your preferred beverage is tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, having one by your laptop or notebook’s side can help inspire you to write.

Did you also know that we associate the things we taste with memory? Drinking a certain flavor or beverage might be able to bring you back to different places you experienced in your childhood. That means if you’re seeking to draw inspiration from a specific memory in your life, you might want to try drinking and eating food that reminds you of the time you want to remember.

A hot beverage also aids in relaxation and can help you warm up, especially if you were just outside. Try adding a hot drink into your winter writing routine to see how it can make a positive impact on your mind.

Organize Your Workspace for Productivity

If you find that you’re distracted or have difficulty focusing on your writing, it may be because your workspace is cluttered.

Having papers, notebooks, binders, and other items sprawled out on your desk might be taking away your writing time unintentionally. That’s because your brain isn’t focused on the writing task at hand.

Try reorganizing your desk or workplace in order to improve your productivity. Some ways you can do this are by:

  • Putting all pens, pencils, highlighters, and other writing utensils into a cup or desk organizer
  • Organizing your papers, notebooks, etc. where they are out of the way and you won’t touch them
  • Removing anything distracting such as excess decorations
  • Decluttering items off the desk that you no longer use

At the end of the day, the desk is simply the place where you choose to work. Don’t make it a potential distraction!

Try different Prewriting Exercises

Another way you can motivate yourself to keep working on your writing in the winter time is by doing different prewriting exercises.

Prewriting exercises are activities that writers do before they sit down to write. Some of these include writing for 30 minutes with a prompt, outlining, and writing down words that come to mind in succession.

If you’re the type who needs to try different ways of being creative before you sit down to write, you might want to try some prewriting exercises. Not only will prewriting exercises help you explore new ideas and character scenarios, but they will also help you get practice that you need to continue to improve your writing.

Turn off Distractions

One reason you might be finding it hard to focus on your writing, especially during a snowy day, is that you have many different distractions available to you.

Think about how much time you waste on your phone or watching streaming services on your television. Now, if you can fracture the time you spend doing those activities in half, you will have more than enough of time to work on your writing.

Try turning off the different distractions that you have around you and write for thirty minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ll make by simply letting go of things that you can easily spend time occupying your brain.

Share your writing with a friend

If you’re having a difficult time writing by yourself, maybe you need some extra motivation from a friend.

If you have someone who is willing and able to read your writing, think about sharing it with them. Their feedback can help inspire you to work on your writing since you will have someone who you can potentially share your work with.

And if your friend is also a writer, even better: think about writing something today and then doing a critique swap. This can help you and your friend get the practice you need, even though there’s snow piled high outside.

Read for 30 Minutes

When looking for inspiration, sometimes reading books others have written can help give you the push you need to finish yours. After all, we have authors that inspire and help us to know that our dreams of getting published are, in fact, achievable.

Reading for 30 minutes might be what you need to spark your inner creativity. Curl up with a book you’ve been meaning to read, and see where the pages take you. After 30 minutes, your brain should feel refreshed and you’ll be ready to approach your work with a new mindset.

Light a Candle

One way you can set the writing mood in your room is by lighting a candle. Whether you choose a calming scent like vanilla or a smell that matches the scene you’re trying to write in your book, a candle can help you relax and draw inspiration from the scent.

Another reasoning lighting a candle can help you relax is because it will bring warmth to your room. This can help your muscles relax, since you might be cold due to the weather outside.

Play Soothing Music

Music is one of the many joys in life that inspires and moves us. Depending on the type of music you listen to, your body can relax as you set the writing mood.

Personally, I recommend listening to background music that is similar to a café. You can search for piano music, music box music, or sounds such as ocean waves to help fill in the lack of background noise. The reason I don’t recommend music that has lyrics or that you are familiar with is that it could potentially hinder your writing process, since your mind will focus on the song more than the words.

Try playing music in the background to help get your mind into the writing mood.

Are you ready to write, even on this snowy day?

Even though there are times when we are snowed in, that doesn’t have to stop us writers from achieving our writing goals. Look around you to find the inspiration that you need to continue to work on your book!

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