7 Ways You Can Support Your Library

I love going to the library, from perusing the endless options of books to sitting at one of the tables while I work on my writing. Libraries are a place where I have found myself being productive and discovering new stories that I absolutely love.

Libraries are important not only because they give the community access to thousands of books, but they hold events and oftentimes give back to the community.

But how can you support the library in your local community? Here are 7 ways you can begin supporting the library.

Check Out Books

The simplest way that you can support your local library is by checking out books. Libraries are dependent upon being useful for the community, so checking out materials shows that there is interest and need for it in the statistics.

Think about it: politicians oftentimes make decisions based on the usefulness of something. If nobody goes to the library, then they will likely move to cut its budget.

If you’re looking to read your favorite author’s newest release, go to your local library and check it out. You’ll support your library by simply utilizing it.

Donate Your Old Books

Do you have books lying around your house that you don’t read anymore? Maybe you had purchased a copy of The Great Gatsby for your summer reading assignment in high school but you don’t need it any longer. Or perhaps you bought books for your kids and they grew out of them with time.

No matter the reason why you may still have books in your house, one thing’s for certain: you don’t need them anymore. Instead of letting the books collect dust in your closet, donate them to your local library.

Libraries are always looking for books that they can offer to the community to check out. And if you own a popular set of books, donating them can help the library replace old and worn out copies.

Look around your house and gather up any books your family no longer needs. You’ll help the community by donating these books to your local library.

Buy At The Library Book Sales

Libraries will often have book sales for materials that they no longer need in the library’s circulation system. Whether these books were replaced by new copies or are just not as in demand, the sales make these books available to the general public.

You can support your local library by purchasing a few copies of books at the book sale. Books are usually cheap at these sales and only cost a few dollars, but the proceeds are used by the libraries to buy new books and invest into the building.

That means by buying a few books, you’re supporting your local library. Go find a library book sale today!

Volunteer At The Library

Libraries host many events, and these are opportunities where you can choose to volunteer. Whether you sign up to help tutor children in after-school programs or assist with organizing a community event, contributing your talent to the library will help them be able to put on these events in the future.

If there aren’t any specific events, you can ask your local library for other ways that you can help them. You might be able to assist with putting books back on the shelf and help them clean the tables. While these things may not seem like much, you will be helping the librarians keep the libraries neat and organized.

Find ways you can volunteer at your local library today to show your support for your branch.

Attend Library Events

Another way you can support your local library is by going to the community events. Some of these include:

  • Book clubs. Many libraries offer book clubs for those who are interested in reading. If you enjoy books, you can make new friends and support your library by coming to one of these. There are many different book clubs depending on your age, genre, and schedule.
  • Writing workshops. Many people who frequent libraries are also writers, so if you enjoy working on your writing craft, attending a writing workshop can help you improve your work.
  • Crafting. If you have kids, many libraries have crafts available for children to do. Taking your kid to do a fun craft at the library can help show your support for your branch while making something unique  you can take home.
  • Classes. Many libraries offer classes to the community, from job seeking to computer classes. By coming to one of these classes, or offering to help with one of these, you are supporting your library in hosting courses.

Check your local library’s schedule and find out how you can attend library events today!

Vote For Libraries

Voting is important, but it is especially important when it comes to libraries. Some local governments may not see the value in the library if they don’t hear about it, and thus budgets can be cut.

However, you can advocate for your library by voting in elections and making your voice heard. Vote for programs that support your library system.

Your local government may also be unaware of all of the great offerings that your library has. Go to a town hall meeting and let everyone know about the ways in which the libraries contribute to your community. You can also call them or write a letter to spread the word.

Make others aware if there is legislation that will affect your local library when it comes time to vote. Be involved in your community’s politics to keep your local libraries up and running for years to come.

Leave a Positive Review

If you enjoy going to your local library, you should consider leaving a positive review on their Google or Yelp page.

Now more than ever, people are using the internet to find information about different places. Oftentimes, many people will make a decision based on what they read online despite the fact they never experienced a place themselves.

By leaving a positive review on your library’s page, you’re showing others in the community this is a location they can visit for all of their book needs. Get online and leave a positive review today!

Support your local library today!

With all of these ideas, you can begin supporting your local library today.

How have you supported your library? Let me know in the comments below!

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