Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Grace Moryan and I’m a professional Writer and Social Media Specialist – that means I’m always full of big ideas and want to work on putting them down in creative, tangible ways!

Writing and marketing might seem like two slices of bread separated by the other ingredients in a sandwich because they don’t initially appear connected. However, everything people consume has a written component to them, from the words on social media ads to the scripts of the videos you watch. Also, don’t forget that most of you reading this are probably more likely to buy products on e-commerce sites like Amazon if the description appeals to you!

I have experience developing blog/social media posts, product copy, brochures, press releases, newspapers, and web pages for professional organizations. I’ve also brainstormed ideas for content calendars and helped businesses schedule out marketing campaigns from scratch. All of my recommendations come from the hours of research I’ve put into ensuring that I understand a company’s brand and who their customers are. I’ll analyze data and survey whoever the customers are to ensure my work’s top quality; then, I’ll use my writing and creativity to make that work appeal to consumers.

I graduated manga cum laude from Baldwin Wallace University with a degree in Marketing and English (with honors, if I may brag about that too!). I have been published twice: once in North Royalton High School’s literary magazine, Inkwell, and in Baldwin Wallace’s literary magazine, The Mill. One fun fact about me is I revived the creative writing club at Baldwin Wallace because I looked around and said, “I love to write and want to meet up with fellow writers. Let’s make this happen.”

When I’m relaxing at home, I create artwork, blog on this website, and work on my books. One of my hobbies during the summer is swimming, meaning I’m always in the pool doing laps whenever I get the chance. I enjoy hiking in the woods and absorbing a little vitamin D when Mr. sunshine decides to smile upon the Cleveland area. My future goals are to travel to Japan, adopt a cat in need of a loving home, and publish one of my manuscripts.

My Mission

My Motto is Creativity. Wisdom. Passion. These are the 3 most important aspects of life I strive to improve every day:

Creativity: I want to be able to think outside the boxes, bottles, cans, and whatever else constrains the free flow of imagination. Creativity is what brings new ideas and innovations to the world.

Wisdom: This is more than just being “smart” and knowing enough of facts to win Jeopardy. Having wisdom is knowing when to share your knowledge and life lessons with others. Using wisdom to connect with people is one of the greatest gifts someone can have.

Passion: Passion is that energetic feeling that takes over my entire mind and soul whenever I do what I love. Without passion, I would be unable to wake up every day and enjoy what life has given me.

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