Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Grace Moryan and I’m a professional Writer and Content Marketer – that means I’m full of big ideas and always work on putting them down in creative, tangible ways!

Writing has always been a part of me. Ever since I learned to write, I’ve always been passionate about crafting stories in my free time. I like to brag that I wrote my first book in 7th grade (on lined paper, in a notebook. It was as good as you’d expect from a middle schooler).

Since then, I’ve started a few blogs and learned how to use my digital marketing skills in analytics and SEO to help them grow. I’ve tackled a variety of interesting subjects from business to healthcare to book reviews to education.

I graduated manga cum laude from Baldwin Wallace University with a degree in Marketing and minor in English (with honors, if I may brag about that too!). I have been formally published twice: once in North Royalton High School’s literary magazine, Inkwell, and in Baldwin Wallace’s literary magazine, The Mill. One fun fact about me is I revived the creative writing club at Baldwin Wallace because I looked around and said, “I love to write and want to meet up with fellow writers. Let’s make this happen.”

When I’m relaxing at home, I create artwork, write on my favorite blog, and work on my books. One of my hobbies during the summer is swimming, meaning I’m always in the pool doing laps whenever I get the chance. I enjoy hiking in the woods and absorbing a little vitamin D when Mr. sunshine decides to smile upon the Cleveland area. My future goals are to travel to Japan, adopt a cat in need of a loving home, and publish one of my manuscripts. One fun fact about me is I actually stick by my New Year’s resolutions and routinely track my progress on them!

I am currently open to hearing about awesome opportunities, connecting with other bloggers, and freelance writing work. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking about reaching out: Click Here to Contact Me