8 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Better Emails

Emails: love them or hate them, they have become a standardized way of communicating in the professional world. And because of that, some professionals write a lot of them every day. An employee can easily write fifty or so e-mails a day, especially if they’re constantly communicating with their team on projects. Here’s how you can make your emails sound more professional and pleasant.

10 Easy Ways to Steadily Improve Your Writing Skills

"How can I improve my writing skills?"

That's the question every writer asks, no matter if they're writing book one or twenty. As writers, we're always looking for ways to improve our writing skills. However, what if I told you that while you can't magically improve your writing skills, there's 10 easy steps you can take to help improve them. Here's 10 ways you can use to improve your writing skills, no matter the level, today.