Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one area of study that I am passionate about because visuals contribute to the overall feel of a brand. Over the years, I have accumulated experience using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Canva to develop promotional materials for various social media channels.

In addition to content creation,  I had the honor of creating and presenting a Graphic Design 101 presentation during my internship at LinkMedia360. This presentation addressed the skills necessary for graphic design and how someone in the company could take their first steps into the field. I taught techniques, basic color theory principles, and how imagery all contribute to a brand’s overall image in graphics.

During my marketing career, I have experience using graphic design for:

  • Writing copy for graphics
  • Designing infographics
  • Researching design techniques and applying them
  • Designing social media banners
  • Making layouts for brochures and social media photo posts
  • Touching up and editing photography
  • Using programs to crop, edit, and compress photos

Here are a few samples of some of my best graphic design work. Feel free to contact me for any inquires about any of the samples shown here.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.