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Thanks for visiting! Here is the website’s privacy policy.

Registration and Use of Personal Information

It is free to access and browse the content on You do not need an account to receive the information on the site.

However, this site may allow comments, blogs, forums, message boards, and other similar features to its users. If you choose to participate, this website collects personal information such as your name and e-mail. Choosing to register and release this personal information is your choice, and if you choose to do so, our website will maintain a database of this information. might also use personal information to send promotional e-mails or updates about the site to your e-mail.

How can I remove myself as a follower?

If you choose to subscribe to this blog, whether through your WordPress account or e-mail, we can remove your name off the list at any time. If you’d like our team to manually remove you, send an inquiry on our contact form.


If you choose to comment or use a personal message board, that is your choice as a user. Your username, name, e-mail, or other account information may be displayed to others who visit the site. We do not endorse users posting personal information in the comments of the site, as they might be captured by third-party entities or other users visiting the website. However, any information posted in the comments is solely at the user’s own risk, and does not take any liability for the information placed there.

Analytics and Tracking

In order to maintain the quality of information on, we track information about our users. We use third-party sites to monitor and collect these analytics. Data such as how long you stay on the site, pages visited, keywords, your domain/host you enter the site from, and the sequence of pages you visit might be captured to help improve our website.

We do not profile individuals based on our data, and we use it solely to improve the user experience of our website. However, please note that we do use tracking software to gather information about our users, and those trackers may hold information in their databases to improve their services to our site. It is also important to note these services have their own privacy policies when it comes to collecting and releasing information.

Disclosure may disclose your information for legal purposes if required by the law, or if you break our terms of service.

Privacy Policy Changes + Terms of Use reserves the right to modify and change this privacy policy and our terms of use at any time. Any changes or clarifications made will take effect as soon as they are posted to the website.

We recommend to stay up-to-date on our policies to review them periodically.

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